March madness!!!!

so it’s sweet sixteen time but creighton one of my favorite teams got crushed by Baylor. we’ll at least Iowa States still in but this bracket is unexpected I mean Dayton in the sweet sixteen who would of guessed that but it’s a surprising year full of fans teams that were high seeds are mad I guess that’s why it called ” march madness”! Log on next time to see my report on MLB, good night if anyone even reads this!


Finally here!

Today is the Super Bowl and two teams ready to fight! Go Bronc’s but Seahawks are cool to. Good luck with your team and pig out!

The thought

So Richard Sherman was commenting things he shouldn’t have then went to a press conference and was completely behaving! Is his job in jeopardy or is he In need if a visit with the psychiatrist!

Super Bowl 48

We’ll the Seahawks and Denver certainly deserve it they are both great teams and have the talent. I think since Jack Del Rio ( Denver) and Jon fox have been working on shutting down the run game so Seattle be shut down. Russel Wilson is awesome but he can’t carry the team and Terrence Knighton is a sacking machine! I think Denver will air if out and win by 28-13

A fresh start

Hello it’s me and I am so sorry that I have not been posting! But my news is that I will be reporting highlights from NCAA football and NFL. Also MLB and college hoops. If you would like me to report on a certain game I would be happy but no WNBA. I will be posting on Mondays and Thursdays and one interview nice a month.

slow start

Purdue is not getting much out of their season. The loss to Notre Dame tommy reese just destroyed them. The boiler makers need to step up their game before they even think about the BCS championship. p.s. I would appreciate if you could leave some tags on the comment section I ran out of ideas .

looking forwrd

I am so exited about next week! After the way we played against Idaho I would love to see them play like that against Wisconsin it will be sweet revenge. Oh make sure you give them a tough time,and since it’s homecoming their not getting any ‘special treatment’ go Iowa state!


What a game 73-7. Awesome if we play like that every game were for sure going to the BCS. I am speechless.

record breaking year

Rex just moved today  from 18 on the Nebraska all time rushing list to 11 to 7 omg! Plus he just scored his second TD today!

Husker madness!

We keep sacking and sacking their quarterback. State doesn’t stand a chance against us,and Martinez and Burkhead is running his heart out.Rex is doing great,breaking old yardage records and coming back from that injury doing that 61 yard run and wearing a leg brace tough guy go Iowa State!!!!!!!!!!!!!